Confer  is packed with time saving features, but that is not it's only focus.

It includes many features that improve data accuracy.

It also contains features designed to bring consistency, integrity, and enjoyment to the comment and response management process.

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Confer  was designed to enforce "best practices" and to implement the idea of DRY (don't repeat yourself).

A tightly integrated review process is built into the application to ensure no responses get by without a proper review cycle.

You will also find that our application is very efficient. We have designed Confer  to refine and streamline the comment and response process.

The result is less work for the project staff and a higher quality product completed in less time.

Our product is very affordable for any sized project. If you take into account the quality and time savings our application will bring to your project, and the valuable information mined from the comments and feedback, our pricing is actually ridiculously low. Once you've used our comment management system on your next public involvement or public participation project, we know you'll agree.

Confer  contains many, many features that assist you throughout your comment and response process.

To get a true appreciation of our applications' abilities, please contact us for a demo.

The following is a partial list of features you'll find in Confer :

  • 100% web-based. Accessible from anywhere at anytime.
  • Top-notch security built-in
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Customizable User roles
  • Integrated work flow, reducing much of the burden of managing a comment and response project
  • On-line comment identification and mark-up
  • Issue development and management
  • Comments and Issues get routed to the appropriate subject matter experts for responses
  • Response and Review processes built-in
  • Response publishing module
  • Extensive reporting, graphs and charts; generated from project data
  • Email alerts sent automatically to the appropriate team members when an item has been assigned to them
  • Custom comment capturing website available... and highly recommended. Skinned to look like your project site. A huge time and money savings. Ask us how...
  • Internationalized. What does that mean? Confer can be used in many different countries and languages... flawlessly. This means titles, labels, and other text will show up in the appropriate language, and dates and numbers will be formatted correctly. Our application works, whether you are in the United States, Germany, France, or just about anywhere else.
  • Capable of managing multiple projects at the same time
  • ... and so much more!