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First, thank you for providing your feedback to inform New York’s development of economywide Cap-and-Invest regulations. As New York begins drafting regulations, we are considering California’s existing economywide programs, those operating in Quebec and Washington state, and elements of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) that covers emissions from electricity production. DEC and NYSERDA are interested in hearing what elements of those regulations would work well in New York, and what improvements or changes may best serve New York.

You can provide your feedback below. Although the target date for feedback in this stage (July 1st) has passed, feedback is still welcome, and will still be considered. We recommend composing your comments outside this platform (e.g. in Word) as this form is not saved until it is submitted. Doing so also allows you to retain a record of your own comments.

Note that you can submit more than one comment, and comments are subject to disclosure under New York’s Freedom of Information Law.

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